Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Opinions Wanted

So, in case you haven't read my post about the background and intentions for this blog, I'll do a quick summary. (But you should go read it, if you want the full effect.) I created this blog because I have very strong opinions, and I love being made to think and question. The idea is that for each post, I'll pick an issue or topic and share my opinion it and why this is my opinion. However, I know there are a thousand blogs out there like this. So I decided to add a little twist. Whoever is out there reading this, I want to hear YOUR opinions and thoughts on these subjects. Whether it be on the same page as mine or in a book on the other side of the library, I want to hear it. (I'm really bad at metaphors.) I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU. Please, dispute and shoot down every view, every preconceived notion I have. These subjects will probably be a huge variety of things, ranging from high profile political issues to my opinion on the latest blockbuster. Please feel free to comment any issues that you feel strongly about, and I will make that the topic of one of my posts. This blog will not be any fun if you don't PARTICIPATE, I want to hear from all you budding geniuses and great thinkers. So please... COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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